It’s already February!

We’ve made our new years resolutions…and now it’s time to get on with them…
At Make a Change, we’re keen to hear what change people are committed to, and how we can support them in making it happen

For this we have two great training days coming up: for people working on projects… particularly if you are starting projects that will make a difference in your community.

Projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome, including those applied to neighbourhoods, workplaces, online communities, entire townships and more.









A small fee applies, although tickets for both events are highly subsidised – thanks to the generous support of project partners.

Find out more and Book your tickets. Secure your place!

Get in touch! Tell us on Facebook or in the comments below what change are you committed to in 2018 and what support you need to make it happen.


  • Helen Fraser says:

    I’m an artist, psychologist and cultural storyteller living and working in the Macedon Ranges. The change I want to see happen in 2018 is an increase in the number of people who know about and understand Australia’s Slave History. I have been learning about this though my art practice and have established connections with the descents of the South Sea Islanders who were bought to Australia on Tall Ships between 1843-1908. I am planning an Art Exhibition with an Aboriginal Elder who is also a descendant of slavery and would like any ideas of how to get this knowledge into mainstream conversation and education to honour those who were affected and their families.

    • KarenCorr says:

      Hi Helen,
      Thank you so much for sharing this. What a great initiative you are working on. Would be great if you can attend our upcoming Expand Your Impact workshop. We have a whole section covering ways to get the word out there.
      More information and registration at
      All the best with it and keep in touch
      Karen, Make a Change

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