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  • Making change easy!
  • Making change easy!
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From start up entrepreneurs, to volunteers, business owners, managers and staff, Make a Change works with people from all walks of life who want to create positive change in their organisation or community.

We also work with businesses and local governments who want to engage more with their community to create change.

We can do this in many ways - a boost of inspiration, teaching the skills to do it, or getting in and doing it for you.


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If you have a training budget you haven’t quite had the time to use and you would like us to deliver a Make a Change program for your organisation, please get in contact with us and we can discuss how we can make that happen.

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Karen Corr has recently been featured in Celebrating Women in Bendigo. This book shares the stories of many women committed and contributing to their community going right back to 1850.

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My daily goal is to challenge myself and come up with ten fresh ideas, then each week I also challenge myself to send out these ideas to people who might be able to make them happen.

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